A:  A financial planner focuses on showing you ways to grow your income and to create wealth. As college planning specialists, our objective is to show you how to pay for college, and potentially make it a financial “non-event” for your family.

A:  No, we are not a lending institution or a scholarship fund. However, depending on your needs, we will identify and recommend the best college financial tools for your situation.

A:  We frequently help families like yours with a multifaceted approach. We will create a plan, carefully position your income and assets, apply specific tax strategies, and present your student’s academic position to bring the greatest scholastic leverage. We frequently aid families who did not think they would qualify for financial aid based on their income or assets.

A:  Absolutely. We are familiar with both grants and scholarships from many sources, from federal, state and local governments, educational institutions, philanthropic organizations, corporations, colleges and universities, and other sources. We’ll help identify all the grants and scholarships your child may qualify for; however, we are NOT a “scholarship search” company.

A:  Paying for college is one of the largest expenditures for many families, and there is vital information about the college funding process that a College Planner can provide before you begin down that road. To that end, planning for college is similar to the home buying process. Similar to consulting with a real estate professional when buying a home, a College Planner can provide valuable insights into the college funding process. 
A College Planner has tips, expertise, and strategies at their fingertips to help a family with the burdens of the planning process. With these little-known strategies, a College Planner can be a precious asset to the financial health of your family by alleviating some of the stress associated with tuition payments, fees, and other college expenditures.

A:  More often than not, financial advisors and CPAs do not have the expertise and insights that a College Planner has into the world of late-stage college funding. This specialization means our College Planners have a very specific skill set necessary to help with the college funding process. Many financial advisors and CPAs recommend our services to their clients who are considering ways to pay for a college education, because the value added by our specialized skills is immense.