About Us

The College Innovative Benefits Mission

To provide clients with a superior, objective, long-term, "client first" advisory relationship that can help them:

  • Simplify and complete the financial aid application process.
  • Find colleges and universities that fit their academic and financial needs.
  • Anticipate and effectively respond to changes in both their financial and academic circumstances that can have affects on the application process.
  • ​Help our clients gain confidence in their college financial future.

Matt Buffalo-CIB Planner

Matt Buffalo is a graduate of Ole Miss with a degree in General Business.  He aided in pioneering new technology for offices to become paperless and has over 35 years of experience exceeding his client’s expectations. 

Matt Buffalo began his college planning career working for a recruiter and trainer of other college financial planners.  After several years in that role, he decided to take a more direct part in helping families choose and pay for college.  In the spring of 2017, he transitioned to helping families understand the strategies in selecting colleges, graduating in 4 years instead of the national average of 6, and developing cash flow strategies for the colleges being considered.  Matt is the divorced father of two.  His oldest is now a gainfully employed college graduate and his youngest is poised to begin her own college career.